Water Board


Area code (661) unless indicated
Water Emergency:
Austin 245-3626 or 670-7699
John Everroad (661)645-4831
Kelly 805-7047 or 245-1663
Kelly 805-7047 or 245-1663
Water Board Members: (Home/Cell)
Larry Borcherding, President 245-1408 / 645-7873
Brandon Zvara, Secretary (559)892-8833
John Everroad,
Bruce Gendron,
Vice President
Brandon Grosh 295-4900
Other Numbers: (Home/Cell)
Austin Mielke, Water System Manager/ Operator 245-3626 / 670-7699
Kelly Mielke, Bookkeeper 245-1663 / 805-7047
Bookkeeping Office 245-4003 / 373-6035
Firehouse / Community Building 245-4420
Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Firehouse and start at 6:30pm.  Check the Announcements Box in the upper right corner of this website for dates and changes.

PPMWC Meeting Agenda
Meeting Agendas are posted on the Community Board on Whispering Pines Rd. before each meeting.

PPEMWC Governing Documents


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