Pinon Pines Water Leak on Pinetree Drive


Good Morning,

Yesterday we had a large leak on Pinetree Drive that resulted in some Pinon Pines residents receiving a Boil Water notice. The streets affected are Whispering Pines Road, Jay Court, Leisure Lane, and the lower portion of Pinetree Drive.

The repair was completed last night and the lines were flushed. We are now required to take bacteriological samples from the boil notice area for analysis at BC Labs. The minimum analysis time for these samples is ~18 hours, so we will not get an “all clear” until Thursday or Friday. If any samples come back positive for bacteria, we will have to flush the system and take repeat samples. Repeat samples will extend the boil notice into Monday.

Street Repair:

Today we are picking up the necessary equipment to backfill the very large hole in the street that resulted from the leak. A load of sand will be delivered tomorrow morning and we will commence backfilling and compacting. We will have to remove more asphalt to properly compact the area that was eroded by the leak. We will install a temporary patch that will need to be permanently patched later this summer. A permanent patch should not be attempted at this time due to how wet the soil is in the affected area.

Please use extra caution when driving in the area of the repair.

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.


Austin Mielke
General Manager
Pinon Pines Mutual Water Company
1467 Tecuya Dr. Frazier Park, CA 93225
(661) 245-4420
(661) 670-7699

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