There is an open position on the Water Board to be filled. This notice is going out to

as many people as possible. If you or anyone you know are interested, please

contact Larry Borcherding (lrborch7@gmail.com) Phone: 245-1408, or any other

Water Board Director (Bruce Gendron, Brandon Grosh, or Noelia Borcherding). You

can find their information on the Pinon Pines website: www.pinonpinesonline.com.

This is a 2 year term of office. We need to fill this position as soon as possible. We

will start reviewing applicants immediately, and continue to review applicants until

a decision is made. The filling of this position will be decided by a vote of the

Directors of the Water Board.

The duties of this individual will be the following.

1 Oversee the daily operation of the Water System.

a. Our Part Time Employee

b. Set-up and Track Daily Work Log

c. Establish Equipment List

i. Tools

ii. Valves (shut off valves in street, homes, pumps, wells,

iii. Buildings & Fences

iv. Pumps (type, horse power, volume, well #)

v. Hydrants

vi. Generator (size)

vii. Other

blow off, air relief, etc…)

2 Write Maintenance Procedures for wells, storage tanks, generator, etc…

3 Water Operation Cost for next 5 years (Operation of Water System)

4 Set-up an Operations Manual

5 Attend all Water Board meetings

6 Any other tasks that I may have missed pertaining to the duties of the

Water Board Directors

Larry Borcherding –PPMWC President

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