Letter to Shareholders – April 6, 2016

April 6, 2016

Dear Pinon Pines Lot Owner,

The annual meeting of the Pinon Pines Estates Mutual Water Company for this year will be held on May 21 st , 10:00am, at the Pinon Pines Firehouse (1001 Coldwater Drive). All lot owners are urged to attend.

Matters the board intends to present for action: Board of Directors election.

Enclosed you will find a ballot for the election of the Pinon Pines Estates Mutual Water Company Board of Directors. The names of all nominees are presented on the enclosed ballot. Please mark each ballot and put it in the enclosed SECRET BALLOT envelope. Do not sign your ballot or otherwise identify yourself on the ballot.

If you own more than one lot, you will receive one ballot for each lot, and you must vote on each lot separately. Seal the secret ballot and place it in the other enclosed envelope which is addressed to the Inspector of Elections.

It is important that you complete the return address portion of the envelope and sign your name on it.

Ballots which are enclosed in unsigned envelopes will NOT be counted, because your signature on the envelope validates the enclosed ballot and gives the Board a proxy to vote your ballot.

These requirements are imposed by the State and are not something the current Board requires.

Only the United States Postal Service and the Inspector of Elections will view this signature.

Ballots must be received no later than May 11, 2016 by mailĀ or they may be hand delivered at the annual meeting.

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