Post Storm Advice

by Michelle Maga

Many of you may have suffered tree damage due to the heavy snow. Here are a few tips:

  1. If you have trees that are seriously bent over but not broken, try to straighten and stake them as soon as possible. The longer the cambium layer is stretched, the harder it will be for the tree to regain its nice straight shape.
  2. Don’t use asphalt emulsion or paint over large wounds from broken branches. This can create a buildup of moisture and may cause problems with decay later on. Leave the wounds open to dry out. The tree will eventually form a callus over the area, even though it may take years.
  3. If the tree has lost a large portion of the canopy, say more than two-thirds, the tree may not survive. Shape it up as best you can and wait until the end of the year to evaluate its health. Sometimes, you just have to remove it because it may not thrive or look as nice as it once did. Trees that have split down the center or have lost an entire side should be removed.

One positive note besides the extraordinary beauty outdoors is that we are getting plenty of exercise shoveling snow and don’t have to worry about our regular work out routines. Than means an extra cookie doesn’t it?

I hope all of you and your homes are safe, that power has been restored and that you did not suffer too much damage. This weekend, it’s supposed to warm up so that means less snow to shovel or at least the opportunity to get a suntan.

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