Spring 2004 Newsletter

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Pinon Pines Estates Newsletter                        Spring 2004

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This Saturday morning, May 15, the annual water board and homeown­ers board meeting will be held at 9:30 AM in the firehouse.



The summer puts a heavy strain on our ability to meet the water needs for all of us. Our water supply is dependent upon the water table beneath the ground where our wells are located. There is not an unlimited supply! Lawns do not need to be watered everyday; most landscape plants can get by on a deep watering once a week; most natural local plants are quite draught tolerant and need very little water.

Think about limiting the time that you water (early mornings and eve­nings), the amount of time you leave the water on, planting draught tolerant plants, etc.

Please don’t water EVERY day – that is not necessary.


There have been many complaints about dogs on the loose, as well as barking. We have had one attack occur already. Any complaints be­tween 8 AM and 5 PM weekdays must be directed to Animal Control. Any other time, the complaints go to the Sheriff. They will respond, unless they are on another call. They can’t

fix the problem unless you notify them. We all need to be considerate and respect our neighbors by being responsible with our pets.


As you have probably noticed, property fire clearance deadline is June 9. The fire department will be visiting all properties in Pinon Pines after that date, and if proper clearance has not been done, they will tag the property for cleanup. If you do not do the clearance, it will done by the county at a cost to you, the home­owner.

Additionally, they are bringing a chipper to Pinon Pines on May 22 at no charge. These are the chipper guidelines: All material should be next to the roadway; no material should be greater than 3″ in diameter; if it’s pine, it should be cut at least 7 days prior to chipping; other material should be freshly cut; all material should be free of rocks, dirt and other foreign objects. Chips may be broadcast back onto your property or collected in a pile next to the roadway.




Sheriff 245-3440
Kern County Fire Dept. 245-3706
Animal Control 868-7100
Code Enforcement 862-8674



Interest has been expressed in installing a neighborhood center in Pinon Pines, with a swimming pool. The homeowner board would like to solicit your interest and comments before the time is invested into researching the details and costs of such of project. Please fill out the interest survey and return to a board member or come to the annual meeting on Saturday.


There is a need for clearly visible house numbers at the front of your property. If your house is one that does not have a number which would be easily found by emergency re­sponse vehicles, please make that correction as soon as you can.


There are fire exits for Pinon Pines. If you need a map detailing these, come to the meeting Saturday and pick one up.


Annual assessment notices will be mailed on June 1, 2004. This year the assessment will be $330.00 with a $30.00 discount if paid by July 15, 2004. Some homeowners paid two to three weeks after that deadline and attempted to take the discount. The deadline is July I S and cannot be extended beyond a few days. Please do not push the date!


When installing outdoor lighting, please remember to direct it down­ward and keep a skirt on it.




Please, when you are driving, SLOW DOWN! Especially in the morning and after school hours. we have school children and strolling neighbors.


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