January 1, 2016

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Here are our usage statistics for the year:


This gives you an idea of how much water is used for irrigation purposes in the warmer months. California is mandated to achieve a 25% reduction in water usage, as compared to the same month in 2013. We have submitted our figures to the state, which now show a 14% reduction. Please continue to look for ways you can conserve.

We would also like to advise everyone that our State Grant for system upgrades and a small treatment plant is on hold pending the release of funds. Due to last year’s passage of Proposition 1 by the state voters, the monies in various other prop accounts were pulled into the Proposition 1 account, and the state has put a hold on distribution of those funds. We have been working to complete a Construction Funding Application, in the hopes of getting this project back on track.


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requires that every three months, we provide you with the following mandatory language for fluoride since fluoride level in the water supplied by the Pinon Pines Mutual Water Company will exceed the fluoride primary MCL of 2 mg/L for the foreseeable future.

This is an alert about your drinking water and a cosmetic dental problem that might affect children under nine years of age.  At low levels, fluoride can help prevent cavities, but children drinking water containing more than 2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of fluoride may develop cosmetic discoloration of their permanent teeth (dental fluorosis).  The drinking water provided by the Pinon Pines Mutual Water Company has a fluoride concentration ranging from 2.5 to 3.2 mg/L.  Dental fluorosis may result in a brown staining and/or pitting of the permanent teeth.  This problem occurs only in developing teeth, before they erupt from the gums.  Children under nine should be provided with alternative sources of drinking water or water that has been treated to remove the fluoride to avoid the possibility of staining and pitting of their permanent teeth from dental fluorosis.  You may also want to contact your dentist about proper use by young children of fluoride-containing products.  Older children and adults may safely drink the water. Drinking water containing more than 4 mg/L of fluoride can increase your risk of developing bone disease.

We do not recommend boiling water because that will increase the concentration of fluoride.


Some home treatment systems are available that remove fluoride from drinking water. Information about the available devices can be obtained by calling the State Water Resources Control Board at (916) 449-5600 or visit the Department’s website at:


Please contact any of the Water Board Members if you have any questions.

Roger Huff, President                                       245-3078
Debbie Smith, Vice President                            245-3686 or (818) 703-6333
Angela Muki, Treasurer                                     245-1185
Jackie Borlace, Secretary                                 245-1634
Dustin Boswell, At-Large                                   476-1134
Terry Liebel, Water System Operator                245-4420   This is also the maintenance number

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