The O-Piñon • June 2014

The Piñon Pines Estates Newsletter

Woodchipper coming May 24!
Remove Dead Trees NOW!

We are excited to remind you that the Kern County Fire Dept. will be bringing the woodchipper and crew of firefighters on Saturday, May 24. Homeowners will need to leave limbs and branches to be chipped by the street. As per CC&Rs, to prevent the spread of bark beetle, and for fire safety, dead trees are to be removed in a timely manner. This is a great time to get that done, & dispose of any other broken limbs on your property.

This is a great opportunity to get your property ready for a very serious fire season. Please make sure that you don’t mix any non-plant items (like plastic, wire, etc.) with the limbs and branches to be chipped. Limbs may be no larger than 8″ in diameter.
If you see the crew working, be sure to thank them!

HOA Reserve Update: Increase from
19% in 2011 to
46% in 2014!

Every HOA and LOC (lot owners corporation) is required to have a reserve of funds in case of large unforeseen expenditures. We have to have an annual reserve study done every year, with an in-depth report that includes an on-site visit every several years.

We are happy to announce that the on-site reserve study that was just completed found that Piñon Pines has gone from a 19% funded reserve in 2011 to 46% funded currently. That is due to regular deposits into the reserve account, and the recent repaving of some of our streets.

Your HOA board is also happy to inform you that we have also increased the amount of funds in our operating account from $5,000 in 2011, to currently $90,000. We have been budgeting the past several years for some modest landscaping, and plan to do some improvements on the firehouse property this year.

We are pleased to share the improved fiscal health of our LOC with you.

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