The O-Piñon • May 2014

Saving Lives and Property from Wildfire!

The drought has brought an early and extremely hazardous fire season this year. We
need to do all we can to prepare our homes and properties.
 Clean roofs and gutters of dead leaves, debris and pine needles that could catch embers.
 Replace or repair any loose or missing shingles or roof tiles to prevent ember penetration.
 Enclose under-eave and soffit vents or screen with metal mesh to prevent ember entry.
 Cover exterior attic vents with metal wire mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent sparks from entering the home.
 Repair or replace damaged or loose window screens and any broken windows.
 Screen or box-in areas below patios and decks with wire mesh to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating.
 Move any flammable material away from wall exteriors – mulch, flammable plants, leaves and needles, firewood piles –
anything that can burn.
 Remove anything stored underneath decks or porches.

For more tips on what to do when wildfire is approaching and how to safely evacuate, visit the Ready, Set, Go! website sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs at Talk to your local fire department to learn more about specific wildfire risks in our area.

In Memoriam

As most of you already know, Mike Hall, a beloved member of our community for many years, passed away recently. Mike was a member of the Water Board, and spearheaded the formation of the Cuddy Valley Community Response Team. We will be planting a tree and placing a bench near Tecuya/Whispering Pines in the field where Mike often walked. We’ll post the date/time on the Piñon Pines Facebook page.

Property Clearance

Due June 15!!
The last winter had little precipitation, resulting in very dry conditions. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a “defensible space” around their homes and other structures, of a minimum of 100 feet. For example, annual grass must be cut to a maximum height of 4 inches, all dead or dying vegetation within 30 feet of the structure should be removed, and “ladder fuels” (low-level vegetation that allows the fire to spread from the ground to the tree canopy) should be removed. For more detailed information on property clearance, visit,, Property owners who have not completed adequate hazard reduction and weed abatement can be cited and fined $250 on June 16. Continued failure to comply results in increasing fines and misdemeanor citations.

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