Fall 2009 Newsletter


A quorum was achieved in the election of both the water and the homeowner boards in June 2009.


Lee Benda 245-3636
Roger Huff 245-3078
Mike Hall 245-2144
Debbie Smith 818 703-6333
Kim Volkmar 245-2877

Eric Anderson 245-5929
Gus Pivetti 245-5115
Kevin Lundin 245-0150
Laura Raymond 245-1815
Janine Tominaga
Bernice Trojahn, Manager 245-2276


As noted in last year’s newsletter (and in many newsletters in the past), several things continue to be of concern to many lot owners. Please make every effort to be a good neighbor and obey the association rules. CC&R references follow noted items. If you rent your property please give a copy of the CC&Rs to the tenant. Copies may be obtained from the association office.


It seems that some of you have the opinion that because this is a rural area, rules do not apply. The manager and board members receive numerous complaints from residents about dogs barking continually (especially at night) and that many residents allow their dogs to run untethered on the streets of Pinon Pines. Leash laws are in effect here under Kern County regulations and it is not neighborly nor is it lawful to allow your dogs to run loose – even small dogs. Please keep your dogs enclosed on your property and properly fenced. Call Kern County animal control when you see loose dogs.
Reference:Section 16, a,b


The streets in Pinon Pines are very narrow and when vehicles are parked along the side of the road it is very dangerous. Quoting from the CC&Rs: “Parking of privately owned vehicles in Pinon Pines is limited to such areas where the vehicles can be parked at least three (3) feet off the edge of the pavement and IN FRONT of the homeowner’s property.” Parking violators will receive warning notices and non-complying vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Reference: Section 12,d


No motorized vehicles (atvs, motorcycles, pocket rockets, etc.) may be operated on the streets in Pinon Pines by an unlicensed person. The streets are to be used for coming and going in Pinon Pines and NOT for recreation.
Reference: section 3-12, a,b,c, 17


The annual assessments are billed each year on June 1st, and become delinquent on September 1st. Each year a few lot owners do not make arrangements prior to the account becoming delinquent. When the assessment becomes delinquent, it is sent to collection attorneys and you can be sure that when that happens, the balance owing doubles. When assessments are not paid, a burden is placed on all owners because there may not be sufficient funds available for necessary roadwork and repairs and for general maintenance. Some of our owners have put their account on a monthly schedule and have their bank remit an equal amount each month. We will accept payments and would be happy to arrange a payment schedule with you; however, it is overly costly for us to bill monthly. Please call to arrange payments. If we do not hear from you, we don’t know your intentions.
Reference: Section 8,b; 9,a,b,c,d,f


Trash containers are to be placed on the street for collection no sooner than the night before collection and should be returned to your property as soon as possible on the day of collection. It is just being a good neighbor when you help to keep our community neat and orderly.
Section 3-16, f


As noted before, the streets in Pinon Pines are very narrow. There are many children living here and they do not always think before they dash into the street. The speed limit is 25 MPH and even that can be too fast if a child were to dash in front of your car. Please consider slowing down. It seems that every newsletter has made that same request – either we’re not saying it right or we have a lot illiterate people living in Pinon Pines. The highway patrol can and will give citations here. If you see a speeding vehicle, try to get the license number and report it to CHP.
Reference: Section 12,f


There continues to be a few homes that do not have clearly visible addresses at the entrance to your property. This can be very important in times of emergency such as illness or fire.

The Pinon Pines governing documents can be seen and downloaded on the Pinon Pines website.


e-Mail: ppeloc@frazmtn.com
online: pinon pines.com
Mail: 1001 Coldwater Drive
Frazier Park, CA 93225
Phone: 661 245-2276


The following guidelines are offered by the Kern County Fire Department for the safety of homeowners:

  1. Remove branches, dead leaves and pine needles from the roof
  2. Have address on the house well marked and visible to firefighters
  3. Use a chimney screen to keep fireplace clear of debris and keep trees trimmed at least 19 feet from the outlet.
  4. Lean, clean and green zone: a 30 foot area around the house that has as few flammable plants and trees as possible AND reduced fuel zone: a 70 foot area around the house with trees or plants spaced to prevent fire from spreading rapidly.
  5. 100 feet defensible space: It is required by law to have 100 feet of defensible space to protect your house and provide a safe area for firefighters if necessary.

Trees should be limbed up at least 6 feet.
When removing ashes from your fireplace/stove, place them in a covered metal containers. There have been ash fires in Pinon Pines recently.

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