Pine Mountain Club & Frazier Park Residents – Important Message!

Hi Everyone,

Pine Mountain Club and Frazier Park residents were recently notified that their Southern California Edison analog meters are scheduled to be replaced within the next few weeks by Corix Utilities, (877) 407-2317, Mon – Sat, 7 a.m. — 6 p.m. Edison, (877) 407-2317.

Many people I’ve spoken to in the area have expressed their concerns — health risks (wireless radio/microwave frequencies), fire threat, privacy, and possible spikes in utility bills. There is plenty of solid information on the Internet and from major news outlets to support their concerns.

Recently, the California Public Utility Commission made a request to Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, to create a framework to allow customers to opt-out. Some Public Utility Commisions around the country have been successful in getting the utility companies to offer a low fee-based opt-out option for their customers.

Please feel free to forward this email around to your local friends. I asked Gary Meyer at the Enterprise Newspaper if he would keep local residents informed on the outcome of the CPUC request that could be months away and report any information on what residents can do right now to delay or opt-out from smart meter installations.

Here are a couple of links. You can Google keywords: “Smart Meters California” add “Edison”, “Heath Risks”, “Opt-out”, etc., for more information.

Santa Barbara — The great smart-meter debate came to the Santa Barbara City Council.

California Public Utility Commission: (Search keywords “smart meter opt-out”)

San Francisco Office (Headquarters)
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

415.703.2782 — 800.848.5580 (Toll Free)

From SCE site:

The delay list allows SCE customers who do not yet have a smart meter to postpone the smart meter installation until the CPUC completes its regulatory process regarding a customer’s choice to opt out. Customers may request to be placed on the delay list by calling (800) 810-2369 (English) or (800) 477-4455 (Spanish), sending an e-mail to SCE, or writing a letter to SCE.

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